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Welcome to Save America Fund

Save America Fund is an account of an entrepreneur’s journey down the path of starting a business and the insights and perspectives he discovered along the way which have kept him focused, optimistic and happy despite the numerous challenges, setbacks and losses associated with the venture.  I was really impressed by this My Payment Savvy from

The "discovery" is that we are not our thoughts and feelings.  Although we constantly receive messages from the mind that project failure, loss and doom, these thoughts don’t define us or our potential.  They are only reactions to a situation or circumstance that the mind deems as bad.  The true reality of the situation and its potential benefit to our lives lies far beyond the anxiety and fear of the mind. 

Save America Fund takes the reader on a tour through the mind and soul to illustrate the contrast between perception and perspective and how the understanding of this contrast is the starting point for truly understanding our unlimited potential for insight, fulfillment and success.  Ultimately, we all have the innate ability to attract the resources and relationships we need into our lives to manifest our desires.  The messages from the mind that tell us otherwise are only illusions that conceal our natural state of being and our prospects for success.

Save America Fund gives the reader proof that we are living our desires right now and that we are just a simple perspective shift away from recognizing our unlimited potential for happiness. 

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